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Free4reader provides breaking news, local and international news. News are displayed in text, video and photo. Visitors can read news in various type of categories in (example - Business, Entertainment, Education, Festival, Tourism, Celebrities, Media & Music....etc). The information about acitivies and event of burmese people inside and outside of Myanmar can be found here.

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Popular Journal
Vol : 20, No. : 34
Posted Date : 29/Aug/2016
Popular Journal focus on celebrity news and fashion sector of Myanmar people. The Issue is one of the famous issue in Myanmar.
Morning Post Journal
Vol : 3, No. : 669
Posted Date : 29/Aug/2016
This Journal is mainly about fashion and celebrities. Weekly fashion, interviews and articles about artist environments include in this journal.
D Wave Journal
Vol : 5, No. : 33
Posted Date : 29/Aug/2016
D Wave journal is distributed by National League for Democracy (NLD) Party. Publishing online of electronic version of journal is for people leaving outside of our country. For people in Myanmar please buy journal to support NLD.
Democracy Daily
Vol : 3, No. : 232
Posted Date : 29/Aug/2016
This is a journal about politic. Current issue in Myanmar government and business sectors can read here.

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Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom
Notting Hill Carnival
Worst zoo in the world from Gaza
Khan Younis zoo, Gaza
Worst zoo in the world from Gaza
The quake damaged pagodas in Bagan
The quake damaged pagodas in Bagan
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  International Technology and & Industry Show Nay Pyi Taw 2016 
  Time  09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  Date  From 07-Sep-2016 To 10-Sep-2016
07 Sep
  National Culture and Art University (Yangon) Show and Festival 
  Time  03:00 PM
  Date  From 10-Sep-2016 To 10-Sep-2016
10 Sep
  Chin Traditional Thadingyut Festival 
  Date  From 15-Oct-2016 To 16-Oct-2016
15 Oct
Religion & Cultural
  Waso Robe Offering Ceremony (California) 
  Time  09:30 AM to 01:00 PM
  Date  From 28-Aug-2016 To 28-Aug-2016
28 Aug
Religion & Cultural
  Miss Myanmar International 2016 Grand Final 
  Time  07:00 PM
  Date  From 04-Sep-2016 To 04-Sep-2016
04 Sep
  Biggest Orchestra Festival 
  Date  From 26-Aug-2016 To 29-Aug-2016
26 Aug